EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine

EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine is an international presentation of wedding brands and fashion shows of latest dresses collections of Ukrainian designers. Every year EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine attracts a growing attention.

Our numbers

In 2018, 25 Ukrainian companies participated in EXPO WFU. It was attended by approximately 80 buyers form 13 countries. It held 16 special fashion shows and a final gala show. About 600 wedding dresses were presented. 3000 guests attended EXPO WFU, and it was covered by 25 key media outlets of Ukraine.

In 2019 we showed 20 collections, and 50 companies participated in EXPO WFU. It was attended by buyers and representatives of chain outlets from more than 30 countries: Spain, France, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, USA, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Russia, the Baltic States, South Korea, China, Australia, Mexico and others.

About 5000 wedding dresses were presented on podiums, and thousands were shown in showrooms.

More than 5000 guests attended EXPO WFU

Professional level

Dozens of agreements on cooperation with foreign buyers were signed in showrooms of EXPO WFU. Our clients remarked the professionalism of WFU in every aspect, from podium design to the timing of the event, from the work of organizing committee to the gala show – a traditional closing event of WFU. The Ukrainian event was highly praised by the experts of an international wedding portal Web-Planet who paid a visit to Kyiv.