EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine is an event presenting wedding dresses made by Ukrainian manufacturers. It will show the best national brands that enjoy success on the international market. Hosted in Kyiv for the fourth time, this event is one of a kind in Eastern Europe, as it showcases bridal-oriented products manufactured exclusively by Ukrainian trademarks. Products at EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine are displayed in showrooms and presented at live shows.

EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine will take place 26-27 February 2022.


Professional platform, fashionable trends, innovative solutions

Every year EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine assembles best Ukrainian designers, giving them an opportunity to present their products under one roof. Numerous trademarks bring a consolidated Ukrainian product, attracting a growing attention from buyers, more and more of whom are becoming recurrent visitors.

Live shows are integral to EXPO WFU

During the three days of the event new collections of Ukrainian designers are presented on podiums non-stop, working as a main way of communication and giving every brand an opportunity to shine and show its strengths to experts.

Five reasons to take part in EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine


EXPO WFU is a professional platform that attracts bulk customers. In 2019 it was visited by buyers from 30 countries.


This event is one of a kind in Eastern Europe: a consolidated Ukrainian product, popular among European brides, is presented here.


It gives an opportunity to show your latest collections not only in showrooms, but on the podium, a main way of communication between a brand and a buyer.


It gives you access to the international market, and you won’t even have to leave Ukraine, achieving a thousand-fold decrease in expenses.


If you are a young brand, EXPO WFU brings you an opportunity to start business connections.

Five reasons to visit EXPO Wedding Fashion Ukraine


Unique design and quality of wedding dresses presented at EXPO WFU guarantees successful sales of dresses in every country. Price policy is also optimal: Ukrainian brands offer perfect price-to-value ratio.


Buyers interested in purchasing products of Ukrainian brands can make orders once a year, when the best Ukrainian brands are optimally represented under one roof.


High standards of the event are perfect for comfortable work and provide favorable climate for business communication, making deals, and signing of contracts.


Wedding dresses are presented at EXPO WFU in accordance with needs of different categories of end users: high fashion segment, luxury segment, and mass-market. Each of these segments is represented by a diverse line-up of products driven by biggest, latest fashion trends.


Seeing the live shows of latest collections of 2020 helps buyers to appreciate the exceptional designs and practical aspects of products, such as the way they fit, how their fabrics drape, and the overall impression they make.


How was it in 2019?

20 collections of 2019 were shown on the podium during the three days of expo – 5000 dresses on the podium only! They were collections from such brands as Oksana Mukha, Ariamo, Tesoro, Anne-Mariee, Crystal design, Eva Lendel, Elena Morar, Katy Corso, Jasmine Empire, Ricca Sposa, Anna Sposa, La Petra, Victoria Soprano, Katherine Joyce, LoveStory, InLove , Dominiss, Maxima, Unona, MaryBride, Marybella, Trinity Bride, Iryna Kotapska, Armonia. Buyers from more than 30 countries: Spain, France, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, USA, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Russia, the Baltic States, South Korea, China, Australia, Mexico and others visited EXPO WFU.